I’m finally back after a few months! I’ve missed blogging and I’ve missed all of you! First things first though, post-graduate life is both relieving yet stressful in its own way. I guess you never really get to chill. Been working towards some really exciting things for DBD. I will be featured in Cream City Magazine for the month of October, which I answered a really fun questionnaire for. I didn’t hold back, and I tried to truly let my personality shine through. Hope you all can pick up a copy next month!

On to what you’re really here for: My Current Makeup Routine.

For the most part my makeup routine doesn’t change much, and it really hasn’t for the past 6 years. I find products that work for me and I wear them religiously. Most of the products I’ll be talking about have been my favorite for ages, for the exception of the FENTY Beauty products I picked up, which are brand new to the routine, but have quickly become my new go-to’s. Shall we begin?

  1. Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Primer: I don’t like primer because I feel like there’s a layer of gunk on my face, but the consistency of the Pro Filter Primer really surprised me. Extremely hydrating and a MUST for the Pro Filtr Foundation. I’ll apply the primer starting from the center of my face, and massaging it outwards.
  2. Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Foundation: Okay so I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my complexion before, like even dudes told me my foundation looked “pretty”. This is a breakthrough for me, because I’ve been a HUGE Makeup Forever Foundation fan for years.  Something finally topped it, and I’m not mad at it. I wear the color 310 in the Fenty Pro Filtr Foundation, and it is hydrating as well as brightening. It really makes you glow. I apply about 3 dots on each cheek, chin, and forehead, and blend it with a Morphe E6 brush. (Something to note: the Pro Filtr Foundation does not cake, and is so amazing for layering and blending other products on top of it).
  3. NARS Creamy Concealer: My favorite concealer of all time, it’s one of the products I always reach for. I apply it in the shape of a triangle under my eyes, and blend it with a damp beauty blender. Ill go over my eyelids with the excess concealer left on the beauty blender, just because I like to.
  4. Ben Nye Banana Powder: My secret to setting my concealer. The banana powder brightens the area, and stops any creasing.
  5. Too Faced Natural Eye Palette: Next, I’ll use the shade Sexpresso and an angled eyeshadow brush to create a winged liner that is subtle. I truly only wear full-blown eyeshadow or a black winged liner on the weekends, and for special occasions.
  6. Covergirl Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara: I’ll put on a light layer of mascara, and slightly curl my lashes so they hold my falsies later.
  7. Milani Stay Put Brow Color: Using the angled brush that comes with the pot, I lightly outline the natural shape of my brows. This is only to outline them, and comb them with the spoolie brush, because I will fill them in with MAC’s espresso shadow.
  8. False Lashes: My favorite part of doing my makeup! I’d like to believe that this is my signature look: big, long lashes. I actually combine two pairs together, and the style depends on how I’m feeling. As many of you already know, I’ve been putting falsies on for over 8 years so yes I do wear them everyday. It’s so fast for me, and my makeup always looks put together.
  9. Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Pan in Harvest Brown: Apply a bit of this shadow under my bottom lashes, to add a little depth to my eyes. I’ll coat my bottom lashes with mascara too.
  10. Kan Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette: With an angled ELF bronzing brush, I contour my cheeks with the two lightest shades of the palette. Using the same two shades, I also contour my nose a little bit.
  11. Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso: Next, using a super fluffy blush brush I add one of my favorite blushes to the apples of my cheeks. A small amount of the blush goes a long way!
  12. Colourpop Lipliner in Faded: I love a pretty pink lip, especially on my skin tone. I use this creamy lipliner all over my lips. I usually switch back and forth between this liner and the Rimmel 1000 Kisses liner in the color Spice. Also one of my favorites.
  13. Fenty Beauty Shimmer Skinstick in Rum: Finally, ill swirl a small stippling brush over the highlighter and apply it to the focal points of my face shape: my cheekbones, chin, and my nose. This highlighter is KILLING IT. It’s so smooth and lightweight but really packs a punch. It gives me a soft and healthy glow.

And that completes my current makeup routine! Everybody has different taste in makeup, and this is how I like to do MINE. Hope some of you found this helpful, and you can ask me any questions in the comments. Also, let me know if you’d like for me to start a DBD Youtube channel. I think it would be more engaging *shrug*.


1. here | 2. here | 3. here | 4. here | 5. here


After talking so much about Korean this, and Korean that, I’ve decided to share my personal Korean Skincare Routine because it’s the shit. So, for starters I got into Korean skincare, because I first got into their fashion. The fashion and beauty industry in South Korea go hand-in-hand. They have the latest, and THE BEST. Have you noticed the foundation cushion wave recently? Maybelline, L’Oreal, and even MAC have came out with their own cushion compacts, which have been around in South Korea for 8 years already. Beautiful skin is as important as what you’re wearing. Next, how did I find these products? I watch alot of Korean Youtubers, and many of them do reviews on products and recommend their favorite sites. This is how I found out about, my go-to for the majority of my skincare routine. This website even breaks down the Korean Skincare steps for you, and they are as follows:

    1. Oil Based
    2. Water Based
  2. TONER

Seems like an infinite amount of steps, I know, but remember that consistency is key. So, you DON’T have to follow the entire process, and you can even pick and choose which steps are best for you. Toner dries my skin even more than it already is, so I’ve skipped it all together. Peach & Lily also allows you to pick products according to your concern: Acne, dryness, dullness, oiliness, pores, and uneven skin texture/tone. I don’t have troublesome skin, but it is so dry that I will break out if I don’t hydrate it properly. I also have a lack of radiance, and uneven skin texture/tone. I’ve been going through my personal skincare routine since August 2016, and I’ve seen amazing changes in my face. Did I mention that my makeup looks even better on than before? The exact order that I put on my products in is: Banila Co. Clean it Zero, Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser (not Korean), The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid (not Korean but vital for the moisture my face lacks), Mizon Essence, Be The Skin Serum, and finally the Aromatica Calendula Cream.

I hope some of you might’ve found this useful. My Korean obsession continues….




And I’m finally back! My final year of college and it’s taken over my life. I’m talking Marketing Research proposal due, and class just began. It’s tough out here, but every now and then there are things that make me unbelievably happy. So, I’m all about confidence, and I’ve mentioned before that it’s a quality every woman should wear. What makes me confident? The color black, biker jackets, and anything unique like this necklace from Metal Taboo! Sinning is usually seen as something terrible, but face it. Everybody sins, and even on the daily, girl. I am me, and I accept all of my flaws and mistakes, which is why I’m so in love with this piece. Confidence starts from the inside, don’t you think?

Metal Taboo has a variety of finishes such as brass, sterling silver, and copper. In the words of the brand itself, “We display and celebrate our arrogance, sexuality, vulgarity, frustrations, and angst. Know thyself”. Check out the rest of the Curse Word options here!


IMG_6322 featadoreme

A woman should always exude confidence, and I feel most confident in white lace. White is the opposite of what I usually wear, and the lace makes me feel like I’m in a french movie. The Texas heat is no joke, so you can catch me relaxing in my lace lingerie after a cool bath. You can check out one of my favorite Adore Me lingerie piece here (hint: it’s a one-piece, and its ultra hot). If you haven’t had enough, you can look through pages of confidence boosting lingerie here. What’s your #sexysummerylingerie?

If you need inspo for just about any occasion that will require lingerie, follow Adore Me on Pinterest here!