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After talking so much about Korean this, and Korean that, I’ve decided to share my personal Korean Skincare Routine because it’s the shit. So, for starters I got into Korean skincare, because I first got into their fashion. The fashion and beauty industry in South Korea go hand-in-hand. They have the latest, and THE BEST. Have you noticed the foundation cushion wave recently? Maybelline, L’Oreal, and even MAC have came out with their own cushion compacts, which have been around in South Korea for 8 years already. Beautiful skin is as important as what you’re wearing. Next, how did I find these products? I watch alot of Korean Youtubers, and many of them do reviews on products and recommend their favorite sites. This is how I found out about, my go-to for the majority of my skincare routine. This website even breaks down the Korean Skincare steps for you, and they are as follows:

    1. Oil Based
    2. Water Based
  2. TONER

Seems like an infinite amount of steps, I know, but remember that consistency is key. So, you DON’T have to follow the entire process, and you can even pick and choose which steps are best for you. Toner dries my skin even more than it already is, so I’ve skipped it all together. Peach & Lily also allows you to pick products according to your concern: Acne, dryness, dullness, oiliness, pores, and uneven skin texture/tone. I don’t have troublesome skin, but it is so dry that I will break out if I don’t hydrate it properly. I also have a lack of radiance, and uneven skin texture/tone. I’ve been going through my personal skincare routine since August 2016, and I’ve seen amazing changes in my face. Did I mention that my makeup looks even better on than before? The exact order that I put on my products in is: Banila Co. Clean it Zero, Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser (not Korean), The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid (not Korean but vital for the moisture my face lacks), Mizon Essence, Be The Skin Serum, and finally the Aromatica Calendula Cream.

I hope some of you might’ve found this useful. My Korean obsession continues….




And I’m finally back! My final year of college and it’s taken over my life. I’m talking Marketing Research proposal due, and class just began. It’s tough out here, but every now and then there are things that make me unbelievably happy. So, I’m all about confidence, and I’ve mentioned before that it’s a quality every woman should wear. What makes me confident? The color black, biker jackets, and anything unique like this necklace from Metal Taboo! Sinning is usually seen as something terrible, but face it. Everybody sins, and even on the daily, girl. I am me, and I accept all of my flaws and mistakes, which is why I’m so in love with this piece. Confidence starts from the inside, don’t you think?

Metal Taboo has a variety of finishes such as brass, sterling silver, and copper. In the words of the brand itself, “We display and celebrate our arrogance, sexuality, vulgarity, frustrations, and angst. Know thyself”. Check out the rest of the Curse Word options here!


IMG_6322 featadoreme

A woman should always exude confidence, and I feel most confident in white lace. White is the opposite of what I usually wear, and the lace makes me feel like I’m in a french movie. The Texas heat is no joke, so you can catch me relaxing in my lace lingerie after a cool bath. You can check out one of my favorite Adore Me lingerie piece here (hint: it’s a one-piece, and its ultra hot). If you haven’t had enough, you can look through pages of confidence boosting lingerie here. What’s your #sexysummerylingerie?

If you need inspo for just about any occasion that will require lingerie, follow Adore Me on Pinterest here!




When you want something so bad, I swear. Just a couple posts ago I was talking about how I wanted sheer tint sunglasses (couldn’t decide between baby pink or baby blue), and now I own a pair. The color isn’t something I would normally go for, which was a scary but exciting choice for me. Like I’ve told you all, aswell as myself, sometimes I bore myself because my closet is one big heap of black. I cant wait to wear them with an all black look though, so they can POP. Polette sells designer’s frames from $6.99 to $49.99, and anti-reflective and anti-scratching coating lenses from $9.99 to $75.  Still curious about Polette? There are a couple of interesting things you should know:

  1. They came all the way from Amsterdam.
  2. Polette not only offers a variety of sunglasses, but they also have an array of actual reading glasses to pick from. Shop one of my favorite frames DEAN (here).
  3. All Polette frames and lenses are provided straight from their workshops, which suppresses the cost of intermediates.

Found a pair you like? If so, I’m happy to announce that I will be hosting a contest in collaboration with Polette! Stay tuned for further details on how you can win an exclusive 50% off voucher.




A minimalist essential, the Less Leather choker is sleek  and 100% sustainable. Less Leather products are made from kangaroo leather, and handcrafted in Australia. Being that I love a good choker myself, I had to add this piece to my collection. I have velvet chokers, and western inspired bolo ties, but nothing like this. A simple black choker with soft ribbon details is all I need in this life.

This was simply an introduction, and I cannot wait to show you all details of how it looks on!


IMG_5818 kendal

If any of you keep up with Monica Rose’s Instagram, you have probably noticed that it. is. everything. One of my recent favorites was Kendall’s lace bra top over the white baby tee. Of course, I am a broke girl so it’s been a difficult internal battle for me. The Anine Bing bra top is pricey, and I cannot find it in me to spend that much on a sheer bra top. After almost giving up, I found an extremely affordable option on Zaful. You already know I hit that checkout button. Love it? Check out the bra top here.



With such a beautiful array of color options It’s almost crazy that I opted for black, but we all know what I like best. The delicate gold details on these bracelets are ideal for monochromatic looks. Not only are they cute, but the brand is constantly looking to expand their charity line and try to support as many causes as possible. Admirable? I think YES. With that being said, every bracelet purchased helps provide full-time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica. I’ve only unveiled 2 of the 4 I own, so you’ll have to stay tuned for the rest! Look through their collection HERE.