And I’m finally back! My final year of college and it’s taken over my life. I’m talking Marketing Research proposal due, and class just began. It’s tough out here, but every now and then there are things that make me unbelievably happy. So, I’m all about confidence, and I’ve mentioned before that it’s a quality every woman should wear. What makes me confident? The color black, biker jackets, and anything unique like this necklace from Metal Taboo! Sinning is usually seen as something terrible, but face it. Everybody sins, and even on the daily, girl. I am me, and I accept all of my flaws and mistakes, which is why I’m so in love with this piece. Confidence starts from the inside, don’t you think?

Metal Taboo has a variety of finishes such as brass, sterling silver, and copper. In the words of the brand itself, “We display and celebrate our arrogance, sexuality, vulgarity, frustrations, and angst. Know thyself”. Check out the rest of the Curse Word options here!


IMG_6322 featadoreme

A woman should always exude confidence, and I feel most confident in white lace. White is the opposite of what I usually wear, and the lace makes me feel like I’m in a french movie. The Texas heat is no joke, so you can catch me relaxing in my lace lingerie after a cool bath. You can check out one of my favorite Adore Me lingerie piece here (hint: it’s a one-piece, and its ultra hot). If you haven’t had enough, you can look through pages of confidence boosting lingerie here. What’s your #sexysummerylingerie?

If you need inspo for just about any occasion that will require lingerie, follow Adore Me on Pinterest here!


IMG_6534 IMG_6542 IMG_6539 IMG_6520TOP C/O GAMISS (HERE)


Another white and denim combo, yes. Slowly moving away from black clothes, and I’ve even been looking into buying a grey-blue bomber *thinking emoji*. This top is only one of the many off shoulder tops I’ve accumulated lately. If you follow me on instagram, you know that it all started with a black top from H&M. This one in particular is really feminine and I’ve received a lot of compliments on it. Would you believe its only $7 dollars? Betta believe it.


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Processed with VSCO with tk presetCHOKER C/O LESS LEATHER (HERE)

In my opinion, chokers have a subtle romantic flare to them. They actually say that the most beautiful part of a woman’s body are shoulders, collarbones and neck. My new favorite choker, from Less Leather, has a simple design that contrasts great with just about everything you wear. In this post I focused more on the choker itself, without any distractions. Because I was feeling a bit romantic when I was editing these photos, I added a new filter by VSCO and Taku, which reflects exactly that: dark romance. Listen to what I was listening to while editing these photos below, and follow Less LEathers Instagram @LessLeather!


IMG_6444 IMG_6452 IMG_6458 IMG_6450 IMG_6461 IMG_6422DENIM MINI c/o GAMISS (here)


I love distressed denim, period. Jeans, shorts, and now skirts. This skirt from Gamiss has become my favorite because of the frayed hem. Its a minor detail but it definitely makes a difference. The beauty about denim is that you can wear it a million ways: I would switch out the button up for a black bodysuit and a biker jacket, for example. Speaking of black, I was also drawn to this skirt while browsing the site. It also has a raw hem, but the white stitching is what makes it unique in my opinion. Moving on to my buckle choker, which I bought because I really wanted the AYAI Katya Choker. I found this super ultra cheap alternative on Ebay, yeah I said it.

More from Gamiss coming soon, and it is also white. Major hint alert. Keep up with Gamiss on their Facebook and Pinterest!




When you want something so bad, I swear. Just a couple posts ago I was talking about how I wanted sheer tint sunglasses (couldn’t decide between baby pink or baby blue), and now I own a pair. The color isn’t something I would normally go for, which was a scary but exciting choice for me. Like I’ve told you all, aswell as myself, sometimes I bore myself because my closet is one big heap of black. I cant wait to wear them with an all black look though, so they can POP. Polette sells designer’s frames from $6.99 to $49.99, and anti-reflective and anti-scratching coating lenses from $9.99 to $75.  Still curious about Polette? There are a couple of interesting things you should know:

  1. They came all the way from Amsterdam.
  2. Polette not only offers a variety of sunglasses, but they also have an array of actual reading glasses to pick from. Shop one of my favorite frames DEAN (here).
  3. All Polette frames and lenses are provided straight from their workshops, which suppresses the cost of intermediates.

Found a pair you like? If so, I’m happy to announce that I will be hosting a contest in collaboration with Polette! Stay tuned for further details on how you can win an exclusive 50% off voucher.


guccidenimI love women’s clothing, but if I like something from the men’s section I have absolutely no shame. This denim jacket is the perfect example. Unfortunately I’m a #brokegirl, but fortunately I am determined. I’ve found two alternative options which would require a DIY (which I don’t mind).

  1. Boohoo Men’s Borg Lined Denim Jacket
  2. SheInside Boyfriend Denim Jacket

My favorite is option 1, but it is sold out in medium. I’m praying for a restock! Although the GUCCI denim jacket is embroidered, you can easily buy some patches on Amazon to achieve a similar look. I can’t wait to try this out myself.