Tank: Forever 21
Fluffy Cardigan: Papaya (alternative)
Denim: Forever 21
Heels: UrbanOG (here)
Handbag: Diophy (here)


Brought out the destroyed boyfriend jeans for the second time, ever. I wanted to give this look a bit of an edge, since the cardigan (which was 10 bucks during Black Friday), seemed so girly to me. As you all know, I do not usually gravitate towards colors or even the color white, but I really liked how this outfit came together. Onto another new handbag, from the wonderful team at Diophy! It is so spacious, and I actually do not own any other handbag like it. It is larger than most of my handbags, but the change in size and even details is exciting to me. Diophy handbags are of exceptional quality, and they’re so affordable. You guys know I love good deals. Shop my handbag here!



Moto Jacket: Forever 21
Moto Skirt: Forever 21 old (similar)
Tee: Forever 21
Heels: UrbanOG on sale


6 or 6 1/2? That is the question. I always have such a hard time deciding what size is best, because all brands have their own sizing. I gambled, and went for a 6 1/2 in these beauties, which I’ve had my eye on since I saw Steve Madden’s Presidnt. Theyre identical, but broke college student probs. If you’re wondering about the fit, I would definitely recommend you to go a half size smaller. Although the 6 1/2 fit me almost perfectly, I like my heels to fit tightly. Also, I busted out my moto skirt and paired it with an oversized tee (no bra needed). Since we are heading towards colder days, I recently stocked up on outerwear and minimalist sweaters. Can’t. Wait.


IMG_5994 IMG_5998 IMG_5988 IMG_5989 IMG_5987

Shirt Dress: Forever 21
Thigh Highs: Urban OG
Fringe Handbag: Forever 21


Some shots we took right before it rained this weekend. I love shirt dresses, and I can live in thigh highs. I’m very petite, about 5’2, but that does not stop me from wearing whatever the hell I want. Also, I really like the bandanna-around-the-neck look. Took me a while to catch on, simply because I’m very skeptical about accessorizing. I only have one piece that I wear to death, as you all know, my thin gold rosary. If you all are wondering why I’ve been tucking my hair into my shirts, it is simply because I will be cutting my hair soon and I want to get accustomed to seeing it at that length. Just saying.

Lots of new things hitting the blog this week! Can’t wait to reveal the top of my dreams, stay tuned. New music added to my likes on soundcloud, click the tab on the sidebar to listen to some groovy shit.