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TOP C/O FOREVER 21 (here)
DENIM / LEVI’S (thrifted)


I love my new biker jacket more and more each time I wear it, and this outfit hit peak #lovelevels. I wore a killer lace up tee, courtesy of Forever 21, which I had actually tried on in-store. I really like the laced up tee shirt trend, and of course I had to have it in black. My new boots, though, were an impulse buy. I originally wanted the Tony Bianco ankle boots, which are idetnical, but Public Desire always comes in clutch. Any footwear that’s trending….you’ll find it on Public Desire. If you all remember from older posts, I have some cylindrical heel ankle boots, but I ended up noticing that they scrunch around my ankles because your girl has lil’ tiny ankles. This new pair, which still feature a block heel, are tight around my heel and are EXACTLY what I wanted. They are Lycra, and are stretchy and very comfortable. I do, however, recommend that you size up. I am a 6 1/2 and I usually size down because PD does not offer half sizes. Usually their shoes run slightly bigger, but because of the material of these boots you NEED to wear socks to get them on. Therefor, the size 6 is a really snug fit, and a 7 would have been better for me. **This is only a recommendation, because everybody is different.  In other news, there’s a new collab coming up soon with AKIRA Chicago!



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If anybody as short as me has noticed, jeans can be very scary. They scrunch, they’re always sold out, and online shopping can be a nightmare. If a model is 5’9, and the jeans fit her perfectly at her ankle, just exit your browser. But what happens when a petite girl gets angry/creative? A DIY, that’s what. In this collaboration with Forever 21, I strategically picked out flare jeans with the sole intention of hacking off a chunk of the hem. Cropped flares look effortless on tall women, and I wanted a pair (that didn’t cost me an arm or leg, too). Why pay $60.00 for jeans that you can cut at home? This pair from Forever 21 are already distressed and have an interesting wash, so all that was missing was turning them into a pair that suit ME. Here’s how:

  1. Put your flares on and fold them as much as your heart desires. (Cropped flares are about 2 inches above the ankle)
  2. Secure them with pins and carefully take them off.
  3. Lay them flat on the floor and with measuring tape, measure the length you have folded.
  4. Remove the pins, measure the length you got in step 3 starting from the hem up, and draw a line with a white crayola where the measurement ends.
  5. Cut across, and distress with sandpaper or the blade of your scissors (or throw them in the wash and dryer, they all work).
  6. Wear them and rejoice in the fact that you saved about $3o.