1. The Perfect Lip: A sun-kissed tan looks even better with a beautiful pink lip color. I chose this creamy lip color because it is a subtle pink suitable for all skin tones, that will give your lips the hydration they need throughout the day. Did I mention it isn’t messy like lipgloss?
  2. A Cap: Many of you might’ve seen that caps are EVERYWHERE in the fashion world, and for a good reason. They are extremely versatile, and look good with practically anything. I wear a cap with daily outfits, and I definitely need a cute cap for my bikini. I prefer to find caps with a flare.
  3. My Favorite Aviators: Raybans, Raybans, Raybans! My favorite color is black, so it is natural for me to gravitate towards an all black wardrobe, down to the sunglasses.
  4. Bluetooth Speakers: I need THE jams. I create a playlist with all my favorite Future Funk tracks and enjoy them with my friends. What is future funk you might ask, well you can listen here.
  5. Cute Water Bottle: I love a couple of margaritas, but to be honest I will get parched after a few. I always have a water bottle on me, and the beach is no excuse. Shop the cutest water bottle in existence here.

With graduations and summer vacay coming up, planning a girls getaway is my top priority. Thanks to the team at HomeAway, I’ve been able to look through a couple of places to consider for traveling with prices as low as $127 a night: New York, California, and New Orleans. A popular attraction right now is Panama City Beach! Interested in booking your own trip? Click HomeAway to explore more!

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