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Something about these lightweight dusters is making me want them in every available color. They’re light enough to layer, and add dimension to what would be a pretty simple outfit. I had originally seen Shay Mitchell in a camel duster on Instagram, and of course I had to search for one. I won’t usually pick out something other than black unless I’ve been inspired from an outside source. All I’ve got to say is I’m in love! The sleeves are loose and give a relaxed fit, while the length is perfect for any short girls out there (I am wearing a size XS). Next time I wear this duster out I’m thinking of pairing it with my Kylie Lip Kit in 22, but can we talk about my mini handbag? I am so drawn to small bags nowadays. I’m definitely into convenience, so I’ve picked up two of them recently.  All I need in this life are small handbags and my mini backpack.

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imageimageimagetobitagDress: c/o TOBI (here)
Cap: Nike
Sneakers: Nike
Handbag: Diophy


Now unveiling another piece from the TOBI team that I am excited to share with you all! I like quick and easy outfits that I can throw on when I’m going out for lunch with friends, shopping, or just when I want to be comfortable. Dresses like the one I’ve worn in this post, show off the work you’ve put in at at the gym while remaining dressed down, you know what I mean? The slit is a nice detail, especially for summer, and you can even dress it up with some wrap heels and a velvet choker. Just a reminder, that new customers get 50% off their first order! See more of my favorites on Tobi: Dresses, crop tops, rompers, skirts, midi dresses, and bodysuits


IMG_1512IMG_1513IMG_1514IMG_1518IMG_1504featurifVest: c/o IfChic
Turtleneck: Forever 21
Shorts: Forever 21
Platforms: Steve Madden


Socks and platforms, why not? (another shoutout to Keeks, for letting me borrow her awesome platforms MUCH LUV!) So, I took a different approach with this outfit, and I ended up loving the results. I originally planned to wear white trousers and a white crop top with this vest, but I always reach for my trousers and it’s getting old.

Let’s talk about this vest though!! I love the color, and the fabric absolutely blew my mind. Thanks to the team at IfChic, I now own this Cameo vest (which is probably the most expensive piece of clothing in my closet as of now). I know what you’re thinking, “ugh expensive”. ACTUALLY, you can get this vest for a fraction of the price! When you sign up on IfChic, you can collect IfChic coins worth up to $6 per day for 30 days. Simply browse the website and collect the coins as they appear. You can save up to $180 on your entire purchase, and spend your coins exclusively on #IFCHIC24 (24th of every month, 24 hours only)!! Start shopping, here!

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