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Something about these lightweight dusters is making me want them in every available color. They’re light enough to layer, and add dimension to what would be a pretty simple outfit. I had originally seen Shay Mitchell in a camel duster on Instagram, and of course I had to search for one. I won’t usually pick out something other than black unless I’ve been inspired from an outside source. All I’ve got to say is I’m in love! The sleeves are loose and give a relaxed fit, while the length is perfect for any short girls out there (I am wearing a size XS). Next time I wear this duster out I’m thinking of pairing it with my Kylie Lip Kit in 22, but can we talk about my mini handbag? I am so drawn to small bags nowadays. I’m definitely into convenience, so I’ve picked up two of them recently.  All I need in this life are small handbags and my mini backpack.

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