Culottes: AKIRA (here)
Tank: Forever 21
Cap: Necessary Clothing (here)
Bag: Diophy
Heels: Public Desire


The hunt for perfect culottes has ended. Being that I’m relatively short, about 5’3 on a good day, I’ve been hesitant to wear culottes. But of course, after a little pep talk with myself and the discovery of AKIRA, I took the leap. I’ve spent plenty of hours in dressing rooms wishing I was taller, but somehow the pinstripes and slits on this pair of culottes worked out perfectly for my stature. If you’re not feeling this look, toss the cap and switch the tank for a crop top for a nighttime outfit. Want to see more from AKIRA? Shop their killer new arrivals here!



Cap: Nike
Dress: Forever 21
Bomber: Forever 21 (similar)
Ankle Boots: Boohoo (here) (alternative)


Mixing sporty and girly pieces has slowly become my favorite thing to do when I get dressed. Throwing on a cap when you’re wearing a dress gives your outfit a whole different vibe, and that’s definitely a good thing. Caps are not limited to dresses, and look comfortable-chic with jeans and a thin duster coat. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this dress though, which was $2 f*****g dollars! The sale racks at Forever 21 have some hidden gems sometimes, ladies and gentlemen. I’ve also found the block heelĀ  boots of my dreams, and they were cheap too.



Cropped Pullover: Forever 21
Distressed Denim: Forever 21 DIY
Heels: UrbanOg
Cap: Nike


I’ve been loving caps lately, thanks to Kiki. I actually didn’t feel comfortable at first, simply because I think my face is very small. Caps are now a wardrobe essential, and can be dressed up or down with a switch of shoes. My favorite combo is the longline coat, cap, and Adidas Originals look. The Glass Onion Tumblr has been my go-to source of inspiration andĀ  It’s clearly crack guys. Goth baseball mom look on fleek. I felt like I could run to home base like this.

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