Cropped Pullover: Forever 21
Distressed Denim: Forever 21 DIY
Heels: UrbanOg
Cap: Nike


I’ve been loving caps lately, thanks to Kiki. I actually didn’t feel comfortable at first, simply because I think my face is very small. Caps are now a wardrobe essential, and can be dressed up or down with a switch of shoes. My favorite combo is the longline coat, cap, and Adidas Originals look. The Glass Onion Tumblr has been my go-to source of inspiration and  It’s clearly crack guys. Goth baseball mom look on fleek. I felt like I could run to home base like this.

For October playlist is up on my Soundcloud. Listen here!



  1. I love the outfit. I use to never like caps either but i recently bought a cap from Oakley to really test whether I like it and just needs to get use to it or don’t like it at all. Plus they cover your bad hair days. Have a wonderful day.

    • I iked caps, but they have to be this specifis style that is short around the head, otherwise they look
      huuuge! haha i totally agree, bad hair days is an everyday thing . lots of love XOXO

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