img_7210 img_7208 img_7209 img_7211SWEATSHIRT C/O SHEIN (here)


Mondays, ew. I wanted to share a quick outfit for chilly days, wearing an oversized sweatshirt. I have been picking up all types of solid sweatshirts, tees, and long sleeves, to layer in the winter (praying it comes to Texas soon). This sweatshirt, though, has a simple little twist to it. I’m wearing a medium for that extra comfy look!


photo-oct-21-5-18-16-pm photo-oct-20-7-04-36-pm photo-oct-22-1-11-30-amd img_7152


Something about these lightweight dusters is making me want them in every available color. They’re light enough to layer, and add dimension to what would be a pretty simple outfit. I had originally seen Shay Mitchell in a camel duster on Instagram, and of course I had to search for one. I won’t usually pick out something other than black unless I’ve been inspired from an outside source. All I’ve got to say is I’m in love! The sleeves are loose and give a relaxed fit, while the length is perfect for any short girls out there (I am wearing a size XS). Next time I wear this duster out I’m thinking of pairing it with my Kylie Lip Kit in 22, but can we talk about my mini handbag? I am so drawn to small bags nowadays. I’m definitely into convenience, so I’ve picked up two of them recently.  All I need in this life are small handbags and my mini backpack.

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IMG_5803 IMG_5868 IMG_5860 featakiraBaby Tee: Forever 21
Lace up shorts: AKIRA (here)
Thigh highs: UrbanOG
Denim Jacket: Forever 21


A couple of weeks back I had told one of my besties that I wanted lace up shorts, but I never found a pair that fit well. So of course AKIRA came into the picture with this pair that I had to have. I like that they can be paired with alot of simple tops, like a band tee or a baby tee. Not only that, but if you want to dress it up, you can wear it Kendall Jenner at Coachella style with a lace bra top. I’m petite, but my booty needs room, so I was so glad that the sizing was perfect. I went with a size small after contemplating between a small and medium. Shop the shorts here, or look through new arrivals here! Next I want to talk about the baby tee, which is literally…a baby tee.

So, how can you possibly get away with wearing a kids tee? Very simple.

  1. I picked this one up for $2 dollars at Forever 21 in the kids section, and you can too.
  2. Because kids have their own sizing: 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, and 11/12, it would be best to just try them on. (because I am small ontop, a 5/6 fit me perfectly.)
  3. There’s no rules. If you want to wear a kids tee, wear a kids tee. Its about how you rock it.

The true definition of a baby tee, would be Rumi Neely’s version, which you’ve undoubtedly seen all over her Instagram. This kids tee is a bit longer than the AYAI baby tees, but in reality, you don’t have to spend $79 on it. Let me tell you how. Quick DIY ladies: Buy the kids tee at forever 21, and in order to achieve the AYAI baby tee raw hem JUST CUT IT. I actually just got the idea as I was typing this, so I’ll be doing it myself soon.


image7 image3 image2 image6 image5 IMG_5446featakira
Bodysuit: c/o AKIRA (here)
Denim: Forever 21
Sunnies: H&M
Fringe Handbag: c/o Diophy (here)
Belt: Amazon


And here I go again with another bodysuit, because I can’t seem to get over how convenient they are. This new piece is different from the rest of my collection, simply because it’s grey and it has some interesting details. It’s the small details that catch my eye, and this bodysuit has numerous of them: it’s backless,  has a plunging neckline, and has shoulder ties. In my opinion, every girl needs a bodysuit or two, and if you don’t own any now would be a good time to start trying them out. As you’ve seen in previous posts, my go-to handbags are from Diophy and this one is no different. The tassels on this bag are so thick that it gives character to an entire outfit (thank god because although I love all black, I bore myself sometimes). I don’t own anything like this, so I’m definitely excited to wear it out this summer. Speaking of summer, I’m petrified of the heatwaves that will be hitting Texas this year. How we survive 102 degrees is beyond me. Is that even habitable?