IMG_6152 IMG_6070 IMG_6156 IMG_6153 IMG_6066zafulDRESS/ ZAFUL (HERE)


Back again with Zaful on today’s post! I know I don’t frequently wear colors, but this little dress caught my eye, and it caught Zuri off-guard. Off shoulder tops and dresses have been getting some hype, so I decided to try them out for myself. As you may or may not know, I am short (5’2 but my license says 5’1, whatever). because I am petite, I usually shy away from dresses that are not bodycon. I feel that my shape gets lost, so I tend to balance a baggy top with some nice Levi’s shorts, for example. This dress, on the other hand, was the perfect length for me, and the off shoulder details distract from the fact that is a relatively loose dress. It also has some flattering slits on each side, which I personally loved. The fabric was light and perfect for the Texas heat. Hallelujah.

Side Note: I recommend that you read the measurements, and pick the sizing accordingly.


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