IMG_6681 IMG_6663pageanideaa IMG_6655featurHandbag: Diophy
Coat: Forever 21
Denim: Forever 21
Top: Forever 21
Velvet Choker: Handmade


Zuri and I started another year on DBD, and we got together to shoot this minimalistic outfit. I wanted the handbag to be the focal point of this simple look. I still cant get over how beautiful it is!This is something I would wear when I don’t want t dress up, but still want to look put together. Of course it is an all black outfit except for the jeans, which are my favorite at the moment. The raw hem is so nice, and I want to do it to the rest of my jeans aswell. The weather here in south Texas has been shifting back and forth, and from the looks of it winter is now over. I scored this coat in the sale section of Forever 21 (buy one get one free). I’ve actually gone shopping recently, and I will make sure I share how I style my purchases. Expect more of Diophy on the blog! Shop my handbag here.


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